Gallery Of Mites Bugs On The Bluefish

Comprised of super-heavy-hitters from New Jersey's rock scene, Gallery of Mites boasts ten members, including alumni of Monster Magnet and Kyuss. The sound is straight-up MC5 influenced white-boy boogie rock with a clean, crisp Back in the U.S.A.-style production job. The vocals are a little more gruff than the genre usually demands, as singer Tim Cronin's delivery busts him on his stoner-rock past. The songs revolve around the popular white-man's blues themes of booze, feelin' down and the whole general bottom-feeder lifestyle, as on the nicely titled "X's for Eyes" and "Headless Body, Topless Bar.” Overall, this is a good album built on the time-tested and solid foundation of classic high-energy proto-punk made by veterans who have obviously lived the kind of lifestyle that they sing about. (Meteorcity)