Fyrnask Eldir Nótt

FyrnaskEldir Nótt
Experimental black metal project Fyrnask is the monumental effort of one man, Fyrn, and this second full-length release, Eldir Nótt, is deeply inspired by a sense of movement and change. At once generative and decaying, verdant and spoiled, Fyrnask musically explores the simultaneous potential for beauty and disgust in the natural world. A profoundly physical album, Eldir Nótt deeply investigates both the possibility of the sublime and the abject within the same living body. The introductory track is practically vibrating with life, drenched in the scent of loam and petrichor, which is then blown away by the smoke and brimstone of the ominous "Vigil." The pulsing gentleness of "Suonnas Sedir" is resonant, even sensuous, while "Siaidha" writhes in unabashed agony. This is a rare album — penetrating and complex — one that attempts to translate flesh into sound and somehow, via an act of musical alchemy, succeeds. (Temple of Torturous)