FUZZ "Fuzz's Fourth Dream" (video)

FUZZ "Fuzz's Fourth Dream" (video)
The prolific Ty Segall shows no signs of slowing down. Between his solo projects, the Ty Segall Band, White Fence and recent reissues of his early musical incarnations, the guy has still found time to dedicate to his latest band Fuzz.

The band's debut 7-inch sold out almost instantly, but now "Fuzz's Fourth Dream" from that single has received the video treatment.

The black-and-white clip is straightforward enough, featuring the band driving to a gig, setting up and playing.

Check out the clip for "Fuzz's Fourth Dream" below.

UPDATE: You can also hear the new Segall track "Music for a Film" below. It appears on latest instalment of the Less Artists More Condos charity single series, which arrives via Famous Class.