Fuzz Parts & Labour, Toronto ON, October 16

Fuzz Parts & Labour, Toronto ON, October 16
Ty Segall's quintessential post is front and centre, wielding a guitar with the utmost vigour. With so many of his previous projects — Ty Segall Band, Ty Segall and White Fence and Sic Alps — the garage-rocker has owned the stage with his cannonball bursts of hair whipping and guitar shredding, so it's unusual at first to see the front man sitting behind a drum set.

Still the voice of the band, Segall and band mates Charlie Mootheart and Roland Cosio are Fuzz, yet another incarnation of Segall's furiously spinning creativity. But instead of taking on the riffs, which is Mootheart's territory here, Segall proves that he is just as skilled pounding the skins.

Packed into the confining basement space of Parts & Labour (the ideal space to watch a Segall performance of any sort), Fuzz brought their sludge of psychedelic rock to an eager audience ready to move and crowd surf at this sold-out show whether space permitted it or not.

Although Segall's voice is still delivering the lyrics, the main focus of Fuzz is the music itself. Meaty, thunderous guitars met with a wall of drums — both get their time to shine in solos, especially on "Loose Sutures" — as the trio channeled a slew of bands that evoked past heroes but was executed with Segall's noticeable signature.

Though not as structured as some of his previous works (Fuzz makes some of Segall's other works sound like polished pop songs), Fuzz's spaced-out kaleidoscopic sounds made for an equally compelling performance and showed once again how much talent Segall truly has.