Futureheads Look To Fans To Shake Up the Music Biz

Futureheads Look To Fans To Shake Up the Music Biz
The Futureheads are calling for revolution! Okay, maybe revolution is a bit of a strong word here and that exclamation point’s a bit dramatic, but the UK art punk outfit are asking fans for help to show the uselessness of fat cat labels.

Via an open video letter on YouTube, Futureheads members Ross Millard and Barry Hyde are urging music consumers to buy their new album and single on Futureheads’ own label, Nul Record, to show you can be successful playing this music game on your own terms.

Hyde says: "We're trying to prove that bands don't need to be exploited by record companies in order to make music. We just want to make pure music for your enjoyment.”

Millard also chips in to add: "If we can get this single in the charts on our own terms with the help of our fan base then that is a real achievement and a real message to the dinosaurs in the music industry that their tried-and-tested techniques aren’t working anymore and the future of music lies with the fans and the artists.”

The Futureheads new single, "The Beginning of the Twist,” is released today in the UK, with the their third album This Is Not the World, is set to drop in May.

Futureheads to their fans

The Futureheads "The Beginning of the Twist”