Future Islands "Snails Christmas (I Want a New Shell)" (2015 version as the Snails)

Future Islands 'Snails Christmas (I Want a New Shell)' (2015 version as the Snails)
"Christmas came early this year." It's an understatement sung by Future Islands offshoot the Snails on a newly spruced-up version of their seasonal new wave single, "Snails Christmas (I Want a New Shell)." You can check out the gastropoda holiday get-down right now.

First heard on 2013's Balitimas! compilation, the upgrade features higher fidelity and locks into a just-slightly slower groove. That said, the band still deliver a punky reggae party filled with sleigh bell jingling and mucous-slickened bass lines. Lead Snail Samuel T. Herring uses his familiar croon to note of his holiday desires: "I don't want a spacesuit, or a new car. I just want a cool shell, and a guitar."

There's still a month to go before we find out if the musical mollusks get their Christmas wishes fulfilled, but you can treat yourself to the tune down below.