Future "Coupe" (video)

Future 'Coupe' (video)
We're halfway through Adult Swim's 2014 singles series, and the midway point comes with not only a new Future track called "Coupe," but a wild, on-the-move animated video.

The video finds a driver picking up people to party in said coupe, with the patrons just getting wilder and weirder as the night goes on. At first, we see some relatively normal looking dancers turning up right proper in the vehicle's outlandish nightclub interior, but eventually booty-movers include Predator, a milk-glugging Alex from A Clockwork Orange, hard-twerking astronauts and more. The video also includes a flaming drag race and a police chase, but ends with an older generation scolding over the night on the town.

You can catch the video behind Future's latest AutoTuned boomer down below, while the track goes up as a free download on Monday (July 28).