Furios Warning Shot

How is it that Winnipeg label Bacteria Buffet became the Canadian ska mecca? Following such fantastic releases as those by the Barrymores and JFK and the Conspirators, the Furios have released their debut and, in one shot, have established themselves as the best of the breed. The Furios capture the raw joy of their club performances on Warning Shot, with all the authenticity of their island counterparts the Upsetters. Songs including "La Furia Llego,” "Media Warfare” and a cover of Bad Brains’ "YAGR” all fairly burst with kinetic energy that don’t give listeners time to get their wind between tracks. Warning Shot earns its place among the great ska albums since the turn of the century, if only because the band play it straight; you’ll feel this album in your bones. Guaranteed. (Bacteria Buffet)