Funkmaster Flex & Big Kap The Tunnel

It was a painful journey through the newest offering from Funkmaster Flex, but at moments it was worth it. The Tunnel is full of the typical appearances by all the hottest rappers: Nas, DMX, Noreaga, LL Cool J and many more. There were a few unusual surprises like Kool G Rap (word!) and Eminem that had me excited. On “QBG,” Kool G Rap shames Prodigy, demonstrating that G Rap is still the best, as well as being a gangsta pioneer. Snoop Dogg takes the opportunity to freestyle his way through yet another song (“Real G’s”). He’s getting pretty slack lately, but his flow can still captivate. The “Biggie/Tupac Live Freestyle” did more than just cash in on the money value of their names, it demonstrated once again that they can both flow — unfortunately they both just talked shit. But, after all of that, the rest of the album is pretty much a waste of time. Even the possible hope that Redman or LL Cool J could pull one out of the bag was dashed. And hearing Lil’ Kim cover Eric B & Rakim nearly made me sick. Why, oh why? On the other hand, the production isn’t all that bad, for a commercial release anyway. (Universal)