Funki Porcini Fast Asleep

Heads overseas have had a few months to settle down with Funki Porcini and his gorgeous new record, but now it's time for North America to finally get their hands on the latest release from one of Ninja Tune's veterans. Funki Porcini has always been known to be across the board when it comes to his erratic tastes in beat-manipulating and the tempos he chooses. Yes, this is the same person who has created intense cuts like "Rockit Soul Music" and "Groover" but he has also given life to some of Ninja Tune's most hauntingly beautiful selections, including the gorgeous "Going Down." It's the extreme blend of moods and rhythms that keeps fans on their toes, but also frustrates for not staying in one spot and thus coming off as hit and miss. There's a good reason this effort is titled Fast Asleep; it's definitely a completely toned-down version of what Porcini has to offer. Admirers of his down-tempo bliss will definitely sink deep into this release, especially when he offers lush soundtracks such as "The Great Drive By," with its faint snare drums rolling along soothing pulses and tones. While tracks like "Weow" keep with the sleep-inducing beats scattered throughout the record, and is blessed with an erratic, funky drum break mixed with freestyle electronics. There are many ambient cuts on Fast Asleep and there are no startling surprises that will disturb your peaceful journey. It's really rewarding to hear Funki Porcini finally make what seems to be a completely focused recording, and the results are quite beautiful. (Ninja Tune)