Full of Hell Talk 'Rudiments of Mutilation'

Full of Hell Talk 'Rudiments of Mutilation'
Hardcore four-piece Full of Hell return with the much-anticipated Rudiments of Mutilation tomorrow (June 11), the full-length follow-up to their 2011 debut, Roots of Earth are Consuming My Home. The new album further exemplifies how Full of Hell are much more than just a hardcore punk band, as they incorporate many different extreme music styles into their sound. In a recent interview with Exclaim!, vocalist Dylan Walker discussed Rudiments of Mutilation and explained the band's unique sound.

While Full of Hell mix different styles into their music, Walker says that the hardcore punk label is still important for them to maintain.

"We've always held the ethics and community as something that's important to us, even if we play a mix of extreme styles of metal and other shit," he explains. "We are influenced by a whole lot of music. A lot of death metal, grindcore, noise rock, electronic music and power violence definitely influences our sound. I've been describing the band as 'grinding death in the form of hardcore punk.'"

The band have excelled at layering different sounds, as Rudiments of Mutilation takes what they did on Roots of Earth are Consuming My Home to the next level.

"Even before Roots of Earth had been released, we were already pushing hard to go into more extreme directions. That's always been the intent for this band," Walker says. "Since we recorded that first LP, we have been able to get a much better handle on the types of sounds that we want to present to people."

Walker also posits that Rudiments is "a much harsher and unfriendly album. It is not as easy for someone that's not into ugly music to get into this record. We are far more confident with this record than any before it and I'm really pleased with how it came out, on every level."

Although Full of Hell have built up a name for themselves over the last few years with their well-received last album and extensive touring, Walker maintains that the band were not concerned with trying to outdo themselves on Rudiments of Mutilation.

"There is always pressure from an introspective standpoint. We're always trying to explore new sounds and textures and sometimes it's difficult to figure out how to articulate what we want," he says. "On the other hand, we were also unsure how the album would be received. We never really expect any kind of reaction, so it's always a surprise when people are receptive to it."

Going forward, Walker explains that Full of Hell's music will continue to progress to more extreme levels.

"The way we perform and write is cathartic. We want to create ugly music and harsh atmosphere that makes you want to kill yourself. I can only hope that [our sound] becomes inaccessible to everyone and eventually gets pegged for causing people to hurt each other."

Rudiments of Mutilation is out June 11 via A389 Recordings, but you can now stream it in full below. Full of Hell are currently out on a U.S. tour, and you can see all the dates here.