Full of Hell Roots of Earth are Consuming My Home

Until today, I thought the best thing to come out of Maryland was The Wire, but now that I've heard Full of Hell, Maryland has attained an even more profound and perfect place in my heart. Full of Hell are basically the Julia Childs of hardcore: their debut LP, Roots of Earth are Consuming My Home, has essentially perfected the recipe for hardcore, with just the right amounts of speed, cutthroat breakdowns and rage. They've also added their twist, keeping things much darker, depressing and sludgier than most hardcore bands. The group can bring together growls, screams and coagulated riffs like no other, creating something more hardcore, grindcore and up-tempo explosive than anyone else in the extreme punk scene. Full of Hell trade in one of hardcore's most essential elements ― fleeting adolescent angst ― for a good dose of timeless evil. This gives the band a sound closer to the satanic thrash elements of Venom or early Slayer while still maintaining the catchy, foot-tapping, head-crushing progressions that make hardcore so fun in a pit. Roots of Earth are Consuming My Home would be equally comfortable in the record collection of the most devout punk, hardcore or metal fan. Be warned: once this album goes on, it will be on repeat for weeks to come. (A389)