Full Details Given On New Radiohead Album

Full Details Given On New Radiohead Album
Radiohead have announced the full details of their forthcoming seventh album. A message dated September 30 on the band's site from guitarist Jonny Greenwood said: "Hello everyone. Well, the new album is finished, and it's coming out in 10 days; We've called it 'In Rainbows'. Love from us all. Jonny." Scheduled for October 10 (yes, next week!), In Rainbows will receive an unorthodox release allowing fans to decide how they'd like to own the album - be it a special "discbox" or a simple download - and how much they'd like to pay for it. Fans can visit InRainbows.com for more - albeit cryptic - information on how to get the new album including an "advice" page giving all of the purchase/shipping details.

Encased in a special hardback book and slipcase, the discbox will retail for £40 (approx. $81.13 CDN) and include In Rainbows on CD as well as two twelve-inch heavyweight vinyl records. A second enhanced CD of additional new, exclusive songs, digital photos and artwork will also be included, as well as lyric booklets. Fans who buy the discbox will automatically be able to download the album on October 10.

Here are the tracklistings:

In Rainbows
"15 Step"
"Weird Fishes/Arpeggi"
"All I Need"
"Faust Arp"
"House Of Cards"
"Jigsaw Falling Into Place"

Bonus second CD:

"MK 1"
"Down Is The New Up"
"Go Slowly"
"MK 2"
"Last Flowers"
"Up On The Ladder"
"Bangers And Mash"
"4 Minute Warning"

For the time being, Radiohead.com will be the only place to buy both In Rainbows and the discbox, however, the band have said a traditional CD version of the album will be released some time in early 2008.