The Fugitives 'Everything Will Happen' (album stream)

The Fugitives'Everything Will Happen' (album stream)
Vancouver indie-folk outfit the Fugitives have been known in the past to have more of other people's albums in their CDs than their own. But if you're worried about a Sade-style snafu happening to their next full-length, Everything Will Happen, simply scroll below to listen to the album in full ahead of its official release October 22 via Light Organ Records.

Continuing on their mission of modern-day bluegrass enlightenment, the duo's newest effort finds the acoustic pop act delivering Great Big Sea-worthy chants ("Wilderness Years"), twinkling romantic vignettes ("My, My"), and pub-thumping singles ("Better Than Luck"). There's a lot to love, and that becomes clear from the get-go on Everything Will Happen.

Check it out in the player below, and don't forget to catch the band on their Canadian tour, which will take them all across the country.

UPDATE: This stream was available for one week only and is no longer available.