Fugazi Reworked for New Sample-Based Album

Fugazi Reworked for New Sample-Based Album
Fort Wayne, IN-based musician Chris Lawhorn has been plugging away in post-hardcore bands and working as a DJ since the late '90s. Now, both of those talents have crossed wires in the new sample-based project Fugazi Edits.

As the album title suggests, the release sees Lawhorn creating new material out of samples from venerable Washington, DC group Fugazi.

According to a press release, the 22 songs on the album used excerpts from every song in the band's discography, utilizing a total of 100 samples and some additional effects processing.

The project has been approved by Fugazi's Ian MacKaye, who authorized the album's release. In keeping with the spirit of the band, the profits from Fugazi Edits will benefit a charity that works with senior citizens in Washington, DC and another organization that provides global aid to those affected by civil unrest and disaster.

Fugazi Edits will be available on October 30 via Case/Martingale Records. Excerpts from the project can be heard here, where you can also order the release.

UPDATE: You can hear some of the tracks below.