Fueled By Fire Spread The Fire

In keeping with the modest revival that thrash metal has been riding since Municipal Waste decided to teach us the art of partying, Metal Blade release their newest addition to the world of Bay Area-inspired double-time dealers. A blast of traditional, authentic thrash metal in the vein of Death Angel and Exodus, Spread The Fire is a barrage of throaty tears, shrill guitars vexed with the tasks of both shredding and holding down a palm-muted groove, and, of course, hyperactive drums that would send Muppet Animal reeling in delight. Honest and sincere, it’s obvious that Fueled By Fire are dedicated to Possessed’s Seven Churches, even though their execution can be stuttered and a bit juvenile, at times. Still, while the performance falls just short, the intention more than makes up for it when one hears a Tom Araya-esque wail coming from a dude that looks like what showers fear. (Metal Blade)