Fucked Up's Damian Abraham Slams Stars over Band's Arizona Boycott

Fucked Up's Damian Abraham Slams Stars over Band's Arizona Boycott
Fucked Up vocalist Damian Abraham recently had a thing or two to tweet about the recent decision by mellow Canuck popsters Stars to not play the state of Arizona until a new immigration law is repealed. And Abraham's words were predictably confrontational.

Here's what Abraham had to say:

Don't get me wrong. I think the AZ immigration bill is horrible and must be repealed but I also think that indie bands boycotting the state is inane. Do Stars honestly think that by denying the state their brand of dreamy pop that they're going to force the governor's hand? All this does is not give the people that like your band enough credit and assumes that they are in someway supportive of the bill. Mind you, if you are Nickelback and a fanbase of those types of douche bags then boycotting is a good strategy.

This followed a message tweeted by Stars on Tuesday (April 27), when the band wrote, "We love AZ. But until its racist new immigration law is repealed, Stars (and many others) will boycott this state..."

UPDATE: Since our initial report, Abraham and Stars have had a lengthy Twitter back-and-forth. The Toronto Star has compiled a series of the increasingly polite and very Canadian tweets here.

The immigration law, which was passed last week, is unpopular amongst more than just indie pop bands from outside of the country - President Barack Obama has criticized it. Under the new law, anyone unable to prove that they are in the U.S. legally can be sentenced to six months in jail and be fined $2,500. Under the law, Arizona police must question people about their immigration status if there is "reasonable suspicion" that they are there illegally.

Following Stars' tweet, an article posted shortly after on AZ Central seems to show that the state of Arizona isn't exactly losing sleep over the band's boycott. A quick scan of the several comments after the article reveals gems like, "It really sucks that they're boycotting us. Who are they???" and this particularly painful one: "Of course, a liberal Canadian band that has NO clue as to how bad the illegal immigration problem is here in AZ and just jumping on the bandwagon with everyone else. Let them badmouth us. Who the fuck are they anyway? Seriously? What do they sing?" Stars are set to release their new album, The Five Ghosts, on June 22. They're touring Canada and the States (sans Arizona, natch) throughout May and June. Head here for a complete list of dates; the Canadian dates are below.

As for Fucked Up, they've got, like, a hundred more new records about to be released in the next six months, no doubt, but here's something solid: the band have finished recording the latest songs in their Chinese Zodiac EP series, "Year of the Ox" and "Year of the Tiger." Download a rough demo version of "Year of the Tiger" at their blog and watch them perform "Year of the Ox" in Click Hear. There is no word yet on when either will be released in single format. And the band also recently posted a new tune called "Here Lies Are" on their blog for download.

Fucked Up tour dates:

5/12 Victoria, BC - Sugar Nightclub *

5/13 Vancouver, BC - The Biltmore Cabaret *

5/14 Edmonton, AB - Avenue Theatre *

5/15 Saskatoon, SK - Amigos Cantina *

5/16 Regina, SK - The Exchange *

5/17 Winnipeg, MB - West End Cultural Centre *

* with Grown-Ups

Stars tour dates:

5/4 Ottawa, ON - Live 88.5 FM

5/5 Toronto, ON - The Mod Club

5/6 Waterloo, ON - Starlight

5/7 Hamilton, ON - The Casbah

5/8 London, ON - London Music Hall

5/10 Winnipeg, MB - Pyramid Cabaret

5/11 Edmonton, AB - The Starlite Room