Fucked Up/Marvelous Darlings Offshoot Roommates Prep 7-Inch for Slumberland

Fucked Up/Marvelous Darlings Offshoot Roommates Prep 7-Inch for Slumberland
Marvelous Darlings recently announced their Toronto return after a lengthy break, but that's not all that band members Ben Cook (aka Young Governor) of Fucked Up and Mark Fosco have planned. The pair will also be revisiting their project Roommates for a new seven-inch due out via Slumberland on March 20.

By the sound of things, the duo haven't actually recorded anything new for the release, which is going by the name Winnifred. Rather, this brings together cuts from some previous ultra-limited cassettes, which were recorded during the four-year period that Cook and Fosco lived together and were put out on Canada's Scotch Tapes imprint.

An announcement describes the seven-inch like this: "Although originally, the band never meant for anyone else to ever hear them, the songs are now smartly compiled on sevem-inch by Slumberland. Too catchy to be so secret. Too packed with mod/power pop goodness to miss."

The songs were apparently recorded after "Fosco came home from his deli job one day with an illicit substance for which he'd traded a sandwich to a customer." Subsequent sessions took place under similar circumstances.

Unfortunately, though, no tracklist for Winnifred has been revealed.

We previously announced that the band's cassettes would receive a vinyl release. Maybe Slumberland's involvement will inspire Cook and Fosco to record some more tunes.