Fucked Up Sign To Matador, Prep ChemCom

Fucked Up Sign To Matador, Prep <i>ChemCom</i>
Toronto punks and overall shit disturbers Fucked Up have announced their new album is in the bag. Through Fucked Up’s blog, the band leaked the news late Monday night and told us the title for their new full-length offering will be The Chemistry of Common Life.

However, the blog entry pointed out there are still many mysteries surrounding ChemCom, the preferred shorthand for the album: "Now all that’s left is the questions — who is putting it out? How much did it cost? How long is it? When will it be out? How many singles are coming with it? These are the mysteries! (to you anyhow).”

Well, in a recent interview with Don’t Panic magazine, guitarist 10,000 Marbles, aka Mike Haliechuk, seems to have let a few of these "mystery” details sneak out early, saying fans can expect the record to be released sometime in October and on their new home, indie powerhouse Matador Records.

If you don’t feel like waiting until October to get your paws on ChemCom, Fucked Up generously have provided a link where you can download the record now for absolutely free. Umm… how do you think Matador feels about that? (Ed - download it and you'll see why Matador won't care...)

In other Fucked Up news, as we previously reported, the band will be heading to Calgary’s Sled Island festival later this month. Here are the band’s dates and times:

6/27 Calgary AB – Vern’s (1 a.m. start time)
6/28 Calgary AB – Royal Canadian Legion #1 (1 a.m. start time)
6/29 Calgary AB – Palomino Smokehouse (1 p.m. start time)