Fucked Up, Rich Aucoin, METZ, Metric Put on Display at Toronto Music Video Fest

Fucked Up, Rich Aucoin, METZ, Metric Put on Display at Toronto Music Video Fest
The Toronto Music Video Fest offers exactly what the name implies: a chance for artists to share music videos at a special event in Canada's largest city. The party takes place this Friday (March 22) at 918 Bathurst.

The event has rustled up submissions from the likes of Fucked Up, Rich Aucoin, METZ, Hellaluya, Mother Mother, Whitehorse, Little Girls, Ghettosocks, Metric, Majical Cloudz, Suzy Wilde, Prince Innocence and more. For now, you can watch clips over at the Toronto Music Video Fest's website.

The videos will be projected onto a giant wall at 918 Bathurst, and the event also promises cheap beer. Furthermore, the organizers will be screening the Top 10 finalists from the music video-oriented Prism Prize, and a chosen artist will have a video screened on AUX TV after the event.

Event director Hilary Kitz said in a statement, "In a lot of people's eyes, Toronto's music scene is kind of hard to navigate. You get these tight communities in other cities that you don't see here, where it can be kind of isolated, kind of nebulous. Part of what we wanted to do with Toronto Music Video Fest was to catalyze some cohesion by getting these patches of music scenes together around their music videos. It seemed good to create something that lets people making music videos cross-pollinate, as well. So many music video directors are young filmmakers, who need exposure as much as the recording artists do."

Tickets cost $8 in advance and $10 at the door. Learn more about the festival at its website.

For the purposes of full disclosure, Exclaim! is sponsoring the event.