Fucked Up Recall Their Best Celebrity Encounters

The tales include interactions with Jared Leto, Beyoncé, Jack Black, Kirsten Dunst, Korn, Jarvis Cocker, Nick Cave, Metallica and many more
Fucked Up Recall Their Best Celebrity Encounters
Photo by Dustin Rabin
From low-stakes beef to even lower-stakes beef, Twitter is more often than not something that many of us would be better off without. However, the virtual hellscape can sometimes offer up some quality entertainment.

Take Fucked Up for example, who have been sharing memories of their best celebrity encounters through the service today (June 19). The Canadian punks have shared a wealth of stories under 140 characters in length about stars of all kinds.

The band tell of Jared Leto's germaphobic tendencies, Kraftwerk kicking them out of a hotel, Kevin Shields's chinchillas, Flea's explosive bass playing and Billy Corgan getting chauffeured to the stage from his dressing room. That's just scratching the surface — there are plenty of strange and hilarious stories to be discovered.

Find the band's many Twitter tales below.