Fucked Up Plot 'Year of the Snake' with DOOMSQUAD, Tanya Tagaq Collaboration

Fucked Up Plot 'Year of the Snake' with DOOMSQUAD, Tanya Tagaq Collaboration
Photo by Dustin Rabin
As always, Toronto punk demigods Fucked Up are spending their time between albums with a multitude of projects. They've spent the last few months performing their Zodiac anthems on tour with DOOMSQUAD. Among other stops, that included a recent recording of a Live at Third Man LP. Now, more projects have been added to the docket.

A lengthy new Pitchfork profile on the band reveals that the band have taken their DOOMSQUAD collaboration into the studio. Specifically, they joined forces to record Year of the Snake, the follow-up to Year of the Hare. Details are scarce, but the release is expected to arrive later this year via a yet-to-be-announced label.

In addition, the article reveals that Fucked Up are also planning a collaborative 12-inch with fellow Polaris Prize winner Tanya Tagaq. And in more personal news, frontman Damian Abraham reportedly has a third child on the way. Congrats, Damian!

Finally, the band revealed that their multifaceted Long Winter concert series will return to Toronto in November.

In the interview, drummer Jonah Falco offers up a choice quote about the virtues of hardcore. "The greatest gift of hardcore is mobilizing young people to do something and to be taken seriously," he says. "Nowhere else can you walk into a room of people and scream and throw a temper tantrum and kick air… and then have somebody applaud you and say, 'What you just did changed my life.'"

While we await more details on Fucked Up's next moves, you can peep the band's tour schedule below.

Tour dates:

08/15 Los Angeles, CA - Bezerkertown
08/17 Los Angeles, CA - The Teragram Ballroom *
08/18 Santa Cruz - Catallyst *
08/19 San Francisco, CA - The Independent * 
08/22 Vancouver, BC - Wise Hall *
08/23 Seattle, WA Chop Suey *