​Fucked Up Get Weird for "Normal People" Video

The song marks our latest taste of new album 'Dose Your Dreams'
​Fucked Up Get Weird for 'Normal People' Video
Fucked Up are set to return with Dose Your Dreams later this year, and they've offered up another visual teaser in the form of a new video for "Normal People."
It follows a clip for "Raise Your Voice Joyce" and "Two I's Closed," and it was directed by the band's Mike Haliechuk.
Among the "Normal People" the band members portray in the vid are a businessman who takes baths in his suit (with fruit and sausages floating on hand), an overly touchy clown (who turns up in bathrooms, parking garages and on the TTC — basically everywhere you don't want to meet a clown), a balloon-loving lovestruck dude and, well, just Damian Abraham sitting on a couch screaming lyrics at an old lady. She doesn't seem to mind, though, and even joins in eventually.
Check out the delightfully strange video below.
Dose Your Dreams is out October 5 on Arts & Crafts/Merge Records. You can see Fucked Up's forthcoming tour dates here.