Fucked Up Get Absolutely Free, Dusted, Laura Barrett for Second 'Long Winter' Event

Fucked Up Get Absolutely Free, Dusted, Laura Barrett for Second 'Long Winter' Event
As previously reported, Fucked Up are spending their time curating their multi-disciplined "Long Winter" art event, a "monthly night of immersive and interactive music, installations, visual art, readings, food, and dance to help get Toronto through our long and cold winter." It's been almost a month since the debut showcase at Toronto's Great Hall, and the band have now dropped the details on the second session, which takes place December 14.

As can be expected, Fucked Up will headline the night, but the show also sports sets from Absolutely Free, Dusted, the Highest Order, Single Mothers, Laura Barrett, Kristian Pedersen, and a collaborative set from Marine Dreams and the Weather Station.

As for the art, an installation titled "Moving Staircase," described in a press release as "a meditation on ascending and descending... dedicated to all the souls who have climbed the stairs of the great hall over the last 100+ years," is being staged by Bee Palomina, Katie Ewald, Gabe Levine, Kate Nankervis and Max Kelly.

Cara Spooner will also be performing a piece titled "Intervention Score."

More acts and artists are expected to be announced before the show. In the meantime, you can check out a quick recap of last month's festivities via a video montage that features band performances, spoken word sessions and Fucked Up playing "Let Her Rest." You can peep it down below.

As with the first instalment, the upcoming "Long Winter" event is all ages and entry to the event is pay-what-you-want.