Fucked Up Confirm Year of the Ox for September Release

Fucked Up Confirm <i>Year of the Ox</i> for September Release
Although Fucked Up have only released two LPs in their nine-plus years of existence, they've been busy churning out a steady stream of singles and EPs. This includes their series of twelve-inches inspired by the Chinese zodiac, which has three previous instalments: Year of the Dog, Year of the Pig and Year of the Rat. We've already reported that the next instalment will be called Year of the Ox; now, we know Merge will release the record on September 14.

UPDATE: Year of the Ox is now due out September 28.

Although we haven't yet heard the studio version of the new track, the band previously played the 11-minute opus for the CBC. That performance included a string section and Dutchess Says singer Annie-Claude Deschênes. At the time, the Matablog described the song as a "majestic orchestral piece" and said that the recorded version would feature different guests.

In a recent post on their blog, Fucked Up revealed that another new EP, Year of the Tiger, would also be released "a bit after" Year of the Ox. Also on the way is a split with Serena Maneesh, a split LP with Mind Eraser and a possible split with the Besnard Lakes.

And of course, we're still eagerly anticipating David Comes to Life, the band's planned third LP.

Thanks to MVB for the heads-up.