Fucked Up Announce Live LP, Join Ben Gibbard, Mountain Goats and Ted Leo for GG Allin Covers

Fucked Up Announce Live LP, Join Ben Gibbard, Mountain Goats and Ted Leo for GG Allin Covers
From recording a rock opera to taking over your TV set, there has been no shortage of news from Toronto hardcore phenoms Fucked Up. Knowing them, of course, the schedule of surprises never slows down. With that in mind, we're not too shocked to hear that they're releasing a live album, as well as a seven-inch of GG Allin covers with the Mountain Goats, Ted Leo and, er, Death Cab for Cutie's Ben Gibbard.

First, that seven-inch. CBC Radio 3 points to an item on the Mountain Goats' forum reporting that Fucked Up will join the Mountain Goats alongside Ben Gibbard and Ted Leo for a seven-inch of "cleaned up" GG Allin covers. Proceeds for the record will go towards New Jersey radio station WFMU (home of Tom Scharpling's beloved Best Show), and the seven-inch will only be available by pledging to the WFMU funding drive between February 28 and March 13. More information on that is available here.

In addition to the seven-inch, Fucked Up will be releasing a limited 37-minute live twelve-inch through indie publication Chunklet. The album is called Coke Sucks and captures an entire Fucked Up set recorded at the Earl in Atlanta, GA last year.

As Chunklet explains, "They barrel through a ton of originals and a cover of 'Son of Sam' by Chain Gang. Also on the bill were Carbonas, Bukkake Boys and American Cheeseburger. Damon [sic] espouses his love of Pepsi versus Coke and dedicates way too many songs to record collectors."

The album is limited to 900 copies broken down between red, orange, gold and clear vinyl, as well as black and white split and mix coloured vinyl. A pre-order for the record is available here, with records set to ship on March 10.

As of yet, Fucked Up's new full-length, David Comes to Life, is still without a firm release date but is expect out in May via Matador