Fucked Up 'Glass Boys' (slow version) (album stream)

Fucked Up'Glass Boys' (slow version) (album stream)
Long-running, continually challenging Toronto hardcore act Fucked Up are set to return with their fourth proper full-length next month. Right out the gate, however, there are two different versions of the release — a fast version and a slow version. We've got a stream of the latter right here.

For the new album, drummer Jonah Falco recorded multiple drum tracks for each song. The "slow version" of the album, which will be included on a limited-edition vinyl record as well as digitally, sees Falco playing the full record in half-time. While less likely to rile up college kids into a circle pit, the slower pace works wonderfully with the band's new compositions.

Check out the slow version of Glass Boys below. The album will arrive on June 3 via Arts & Crafts in Canada and Matador Records elsewhere.

Fucked Up have several tour dates lined up in support of Glass Boys, and you can see all those stops here. You can also pre-order the album here.