Fucked Up "Blink" / "The Way We Did"

Fucked Up 'Blink' / 'The Way We Did'
Fucked Up's latest album Glass Boys was surprisingly short considering their usual tendency for grandiose statements. That's because they edited it down, and have a ton of outtakes. Two of those, "Blink" and "The Way We Did," can be streamed now.

Last month, on their Facebook page, the band announced the release of the songs, saying that they "maybe should've made the record because they are really good," adding that they "are about subcultures and growing up around the punk scenes we did in Toronto."

"Blink" is another anthemic Fucked Up song that plays with different speeds, opening with some ambient guitar sounds and feedback before building into a fist-pumper (though sadly, it appears that Blink-182 is not being referenced anywhere despite its title). "The Way We Did" is similarly fast and melodic, pairing Damian Abraham's growl with Ben Cook's singing on the poppy chorus.

Listen to "Blink" and "The Way We Did" below. Both songs will appear on a limited 7-inch, which can be pre-ordered now. More B-sides are expected to surface this summer.