Fuck the Facts Backstabber Etiquette

Nepean's Fuck the Facts have released a fairly raging album in Backstabber Etiquette, but it's not without its faults. Most of the tunes are a fairly caustic mix of grind, hardcore and crust that lay waste to all in their path; definitely more on the underground hardcore side of things than the metal realm. There's a cool atmosphere here, pissed off, ragged and definitely enjoyable. However, the production brings the album down in a big way. There's no bass to be found, rendering the whole thing with a kind of demo quality that we could live without. Plus, the drummer's bass drum appears to have been hijacked by computerised typewriters or something. Whatever happened to bass drums that sound like bass drums? Also, the quiet interludes just sound really ’80s and ineffective. So make a note of the band's name (as if you could forget it) and check 'em out live, but approach this release with caution — as good as it is, it's kind of hard to listen to. (Great White North)