Fuck the Facts Amer

Fuck the FactsAmer
The latest EP from avant-garde grindcore road warriors Fuck The Facts is all about the dark side of love: the album title, Amer, means bitterness, and is one one letter from "aimer," to love. Based in Ottawa, ON, Fuck The Facts are known for both their boundless chaotic energy and unrestrained sense of experimentation. As such, Amer isn't your typical treatise on affection, but an exploration of the darker side of adoration. The short, vicious tracks are all tributes to the depths to which we can be wounded by what we care for most deeply. "Un triste vue" is an acidic acknowledgment of the way love can disarm and ravage, leaving us sallow shells, opening with a raw drum beat and closing with a melancholy, acoustic guitar wail. "L'enclume et le marteau" explores how some pairs are complementary in violence rather than tenderness, doing so with powerful, swelling keyboards and a surprising hardcore breakdown. While the subject of love might be the most often trod upon ground in songwriting, Fuck the Facts manage to make it fresh, in the way only wounds can be. (Independent)