Fuck Buttons' Andrew Hung to Release Solo EP Performed on Game Boy

Fuck Buttons' Andrew Hung to Release Solo EP Performed on Game Boy
Andrew Hung makes up one-half of the British electronic duo Fuck Buttons, but he'll be venturing out on his own this spring with his first solo EP. The record is called Rave Cave, and it will be self-released on March 23.

Interestingly, the songs on the EP (which seems to be alternately referred to as Rave Cave Level 1) were entirely written and performed using a Nintendo Game Boy. Hung explained his reasoning behind this fuck-button-mashing method with the following statement [via Pitchfork]:

In a world with an ever-increasing emphasis on packaging and delivery with seemingly infinite resources and techniques to carry these things out, there is a danger of us losing our vision in a fog of presentation.

Whilst touring, I needed an outlet for writing music; it drives me nuts to not have access to a means to making things. I've tried making music on laptops; carrying tiny peripherals around the globe, but this still wasn't a portable solution. I've tried tablets but having my fat fingers play keyboard lines on a touchscreen isn't very fun. In the end, it was the decrepit obsolete games console, the Game Boy, that opened up possibility for me again. Limiting but liberating, the emphasis is on fun.

Below, listen to the track "The Plane." Given that this was made on a Game Boy, it's inevitable that this a chiptune banger with lots of rudimentary 8-bit sounds. The song is available to download for free on Dropbox or Mediafire.

This isn't the first time that Hung has worked outside of Fuck Buttons, as he also has the side-project Dawn Hunger.

As previously reported, Fuck Buttons bandmate Benjamin John Power's Blanck Mass project will release Dumb Flesh via Sacred Bones on May 12.