Fubar II, Resident Evil: Afterlife and The American Lead the First DVD Review Roundup of 2011

<i>Fubar II</i>, <i>Resident Evil: Afterlife</i> and <i>The American</i> Lead the First DVD Review Roundup of 2011
So far in 2011, a bunch of dead blackbirds have been falling from the sky and dead fish have been washing up on Arkansas shores while people make awkward stabs at superficial New Year's resolutions by spending ridiculous sums of money on gym memberships. Even though Kirk Cameron insists that it's not the end of days, you may want to have a cocktail and good selection of DVDs on hand just in case. Exclaim! has you covered with the most recent DVD reviews from our Recently Reviewed section, which you can peruse for your amusement, but you'll have to go to the liquor store for the booze.

First up, George Clooney gets his spaghetti Western on by playing a depressed hitman in rural Italy that sates his existential plight by banging a comely hooker and assembling big phallic guns in Anton Corbijn's The American. Milla Jovovich is also toting around some big, pumping destructive guns in the latest zombie-filled battle against the evil Umbrella Corporation, Resident Evil: Afterlife. Ali Larter and Wentworth Miller are also along for the ride, striking sexy poses in life-threatening situations.

For something a little more Canadian, headbangers Terry and Dean are back and up to their usual antics in Fubar II, making the most of the booming Fort McMurray oil sands industry. Also featuring some Canadian content is the Agatha Christie-inspired horror, Devil, which was shot in Toronto.

Along with these feature films, we have television box set reviews for the tried and true couch potato in the form of ABC Family's Greek and SyFy's Caprica. While the former series heads into its fourth season of slutty sorority girl shenanigans, the latter series bids adieu after a single season of allegorical cylon craziness.

Lastly, we have reviews of the third chapter of the Family Guy / Star Wars spoof It's a Trap, which may have lost some of the original spark this time out, along with Adrian Grenier's much ballyhooed paparazzi documentary Teenage Paparazzo, which has a tie-in contest for the first 500 people that purchase the DVD at HMV Superstore wherein you can meet the Entourage star. Only time will tell if there are actually 500 people out there that care.

For more of these DVD releases and more, be sure to check out the Exclaim! Recently Reviewed section.