Front Line Assembly Implode

It’s hard to listen to a band that was at one time on the cutting edge of the industrial scene become average. Not that average is a bad thing, but for Front Line Assembly being average was never an option. 1987’s Digital Tension Dementia album helped create a style of music that would later propel Nine Inch Nails and Marilyn Manson to the top of the charts — unfortunately the band are now treading familiar ground with Implode. It’s a good album, filled with typical industrial and electronic beats but not the cutting edge noise the Vancouver band are known for. Essentially FLA are doing what every other gothdustrial band are doing a the moment. “Fatalist” has the electro-industrial rhythms that are in style but fails to ignite the unbridled passion that their past songs have done. The gloominess and industrial strength beats on “Prophecy” are superb. Combined with the anguish and fear created by Bill Leeb and Chris Peterson, the song can be very overwhelming. One of the few great tracks on the ten song album. For those that haven’t been around the industrial block a few times, this album will have an appeal. Marilyn Manson and NIN fans should be obligated to buy this one as pay back for the debt they owe to Leeb and Peterson. Die-hard fans will also find delight in FLA’s familiar techno noir sound but it’s still not up to par with past albums. (Metropolis)