Frog Eyes "The Sensitive Girls" (video)

Frog Eyes 'The Sensitive Girls' (video)
We might have to go through this a few more times to let it sink in, but upon first watch, the new video for Frog Eyes' busy, yet moody, carnival number, "The Sensitive Girls," is a gorgeously confusing mystery. The luscious animated video was created by London-based Russian artist Marsha Balaeva, who collaborated with the Victoria, BC outfit's singer, Carey Mercer, to craft a clip full of "urban gloom and despair."

In it, one man grows thorns and spikes all over his body while walking through a zoo littered with dead animals. At one point, an origami lantern festival makes its way through a townscape, while another moment zooms into a weird toy/dog hybrid only to pan out from the corpse of a fox. Oh, there's some spooky religious iconography in there too.

We're going to watch it again right now to try and figure out exactly what's going on. Check it out below.

Frog Eyes - "The Sensitive Girls" from stereogum on Vimeo.