Frog Eyes

Mavericks, Ottawa ON, August 20

Frog EyesMavericks, Ottawa ON, August 20
British Columbia indie rock outfit Frog Eyes played to a small crowd at Mavericks Bar, one of Ottawa's more recognizable rock music haunts. As a good portion of the crowd filed out to catch the last bus home, all eyes remained fixated on frontman Carey Mercer. Moving and shaking his way around the stage as if his overdriven electric guitar playing was resonating throughout his entire body, it was a presence not often exhibited by the other three members of the group.

None seemed to play with the same sense of urgency and ferocity that their frontman exhibited the entire evening. It took a few songs to put some wind in their sails, possibly spurred on by Mercer, all the while playing his guitar with enough force to have many wonder if he would rip the vibrato bar clean off the instrument.

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