Frog Eyes "Joe with the Jam" (video)

Frog Eyes "Joe with the Jam" (video)
BC greats Frog Eyes recently teased their upcoming Pickpocket's Locket LP with a stream of its stirring "Joe with the Jam." Now, the band have paired the heart-pumping number with a fantastic, cut-and-paste style animated video.

As previously reported, the upcoming LP is said to have been crafted on an acoustic guitar that belonged to Mercer's late father. "Joe with the Jam," however, is driven by a snaking organ line and Mercer's instantly recognizable poetic flow.

The visual treatment, directed by UK artist Marsha Balaeva, uses thousands of drawings covering the tune's various characters. As you'll note in the frame up above, and in the player down below, this includes the fruit goo-spooning title figure. Also seen are Jane with a saw, and a guy named Drake that stands upon a frozen lake, while the video also winds itself through shadowy, hand-drawn halls and assorted prismatic scenes.

"Someone wants to know who you are," Mercer intimates in-song. You can learn more about the individuals down below.

Pickpocket's Locket may well steal our hearts when Paper Bag Records puts it in stores August 28.