Frightened Rabbit River Stage, Montreal QC, August 4

Frightened RabbitRiver Stage, Montreal QC, August 4
Photo: Pat Beaudry
Despite having not slept in 48 hours, Scottish rockers Frightened Rabbit made sure that no one fell asleep during their early afternoon set. Lead singer Scott Hutchinson quickly enchanted the audience with his lilting Scottish accent during songs and banter, his voice leading the band through songs older and newer. The band's second song, "The Modern Leper" from 2008's The Midnight Organ Fight featured some beautiful guitar tone that provided the perfect accent to the layered affair.

Hutchinson also proved himself to be quite the comedian during his introduction of "Old Old Fashioned," encouraging the audience to dance romantically, stating that "it's too early in the day to grind" to resounding applause. This fun-spirited attitude permeated the songs themselves, and the band seemed truly happy to be performing, as if the sleep deprivation was worth every second of stage time. Set closer "Swim Until You Can't See Land" was filled with joyous energy that seemed to make the day brighter, even when rain made its way onto the horizon. Frightened Rabbit's musical talents definitely shone during their set, and while the group are hopefully having some much-deserved rest, their commitment to their fans was greatly appreciated.