Friendly Rich Brampton

Friendly Rich is already beloved by millions as the composer for the Tom Green Show. Clearly they are kindred spirits. Brampton starts off with a super nerdy phone sex encounter, and right away you know you're into "not funny ha ha, but funny strange" territory. This is what you might expect the Tom Green Show to sound like without Tom Green. It's like that quality wise as well - moments of brilliance and utter dross, one after another and in rapid succession. Certainly Captain Beefheart fans might enjoy Brampton, though they might not love the heavy use of drum machines and electronics. Rich is certainly as interesting as Peaches, in terms of brutalist beats and horny preoccupations, although it's more about bizarre sex than raw sex. Rich is wilfully unfocused, jump cutting between musical styles and spoken (sorry, screamed) word bits, which are among the strongest ideas here. I'll bet Rich could put on quite a live show. (Pumpkin Pie)