Freshkills Creeps and Lovers

Freshkills have honed their skills to create straight-up, trashed-out, catastrophic songs. This young New York five-piece are strikingly stripped down on these nine tracks. The title track starts it all off with its high-tension stylings that sound soaked in amphetamine fuelled inspiration. Each moment of this album pulsates and shifts under its own weight, as if the music is trying to break out of its tight skin. This band have tapped into an energy that many can only emulate, not originate. Although song titles like "Hot Ex-Wife Action” and "Is There Enough Cocaine in the World to Make You Care About Me?” might give the impression that there isn’t much more going on here than a few jokes. But once the first chord is struck here it becomes obvious that they aren’t a band you want to ignore. Recorded and mixed by Joel Hamilton (Tom Waits, Frank Black), Creeps and Lovers veers and combusts into taut, sharp-edged territories that spit out the best bits of sound. (Hay Sale Records)