The Fresh & Onlys Announce New Secret Walls EP

The Fresh & Onlys Announce New <i>Secret Walls</i> EP
A couple of weeks back, we found out that San Francisco-based psych poppers the Fresh & Onlys were ready to hit the road. While fans will no doubt be lining up to hear hits off the group's latest album Play It Strange, the announcement was exciting because it also came with the hint that the band would have some new material to play as well. At the time, it was revealed that the group had a new EP on the go, and now we have all the details of that new release.

Titled Secret Walls, the EP features five new cuts from the Fresh & Onlys crew, and you can check out the dreamy sock-hopper "Do You Believe in Destiny?" below. According to the press release, "The cavernous opening sounds of Secret Walls reveal the strong threads of hazy post-punk melancholy that have been woven throughout the band's catalog and have now fully matured."

The record will be released April 26 on Sacred Bones. Check out the tracklisting below and the cover above.

Secret Walls:

1. "Secret Walls"

2. "Keep Telling Everybody Lies"

3. "Do You Believe in Destiny?"

4. "Wash Over Us"

5. "Poison Wine"

The Fresh & Onlys - Do You Believe In Destiny by forcefieldpr