Frenetics These Mistakes Took Years Of Practice

Montreal's the Frenetics are beginning to build quite the reputation for their energetic live show, something that has probably been enhanced by a place on this year's Warped Tour. Their music is, not surprisingly, frenetic and fast, blending together punk and mod, adding a splash of emo (not too much though) but keeping the melodic aspects of rock that are so necessary. That translates into parts that sound like the Jam, a bit of Social Distortion - you get the idea. And while lyrically there's nothing particularly deep here, everything is addictively catchy. Their first full-length album, These Mistakes Took Years Of Practice, starts off at a hectic pace; "Are You Waiting" is the perfect opening salvo to grab the attention of a waiting world, and they barely stop to catch their breath at all during the 12 songs here. Any slower moments are simply mid-song interludes that last a matter of seconds before the band kick it back up to high gear again. Just like the EP that came before it, These Mistakes... is one of those satisfying records to throw on when you need a burst of energy - the music here is infectious and very, very enjoyable. (Union)