French Toast In a Cave

After two years spent in a basement studio, duo Jerry Busher and James Canty have emerged with the incredible full-length debut In a Cave. The two make up French Toast, who have been working together musically for five years within the Washington, DC scene, and have been linked to Fugazi, All Scars, and the Make-Up, among others. Busher and Canty aren’t exclusive to their roles with French Toast, preferring to take turns on vocals, instruments, and programming. This results in a highly creative, but entirely accessible, blend of intelligent pop and edgy art-rock. Standout tracks like "Float Away,” "Seen Me,” and "Off Center” pulsate with a subtle energy that churns with underlying urgency. Falling into great sweeping spirals of noise and swirling guitars that spin out slanted chords, French Toast have accomplished a sound that can truly be recognised as their own. In a Cave has stepped into the light. (Dischord)