French Political Party to Sue Madonna over Swastika Image

French Political Party to Sue Madonna over Swastika Image
Last month, French far-right party the National Front threatened Madonna with a lawsuit for depicting leader Marine Le Pen with a swastika on her forehead during concerts. Soon, the party will make good on its threats as it prepares to sue the singer.

When news spread back in the spring that Madonna was using the image as part of her live show, Le Pen accused the Material Girl of seeking attention and promised, "If she does that in France, we'll be waiting."

The Guardian reports that, sure enough, Madonna pulled the same stunt in France. She performed over the weekend (July 14) at Le Stade de France in Paris, apparently displaying the swastika image with Le Pen immediately before a picture that resembled Adolf Hitler.

National Front vice-president Florian Philippot said in a statement, "We cannot accept everything. We cannot accept this insulting connection. Marine Le Pen is defending her honour, but also that of party members and supporters and the millions of Front National voters."

The suit will apparently be filed within the next few days.

The political party is the third largest in France. It was previously associated with revisionist views of the Holocaust, but Le Pen has attempted to clean up the party's image. Evidently her efforts didn't work for Madonna.

This has been a very litigious few days for Madonna. Late last week, news spread that she is being sued by the label VMG for sampling strings and horns from a late '70s song called "Love Break" on her 1990 single "Vogue."