The French Impressionists Amelia Rosselli

Despite being released as an album by the French Impressionists, Amelia Rosselli has more in common with the solo albums that leader Malcolm Fisher released in Italy in the late '90s. The album features his beautiful piano playing and the vocals of Sara Cicenia, and that's about it. Include the fact that the songs are actually poems written by Amelia Rosselli set to music and this isn't the easiest listening. Rosselli was the daughter of one of the leaders of the anti-fascist movement during Mussolini's reign and the poems document her time as part of Group 63, a literary movement featuring, amongst others, Umberto Eco. Sung in their original Italian, they are delivered with sincerity and earnestness that help their meaning traverse any language barrier. Amelia Rosselli is an interesting outing for the band but not necessarily one that fits comfortably with the other records in their back catalogue. Hopefully their next release will be a little more conventional. (LTM)