Frek Sho People In Your Neighborhood

With their newest release, the artistic collective known as Frek Sho have cemented themselves a position amongst the best artists in Canadian hip-hop history. The numerous members of this crew have outdone themselves this time around, completely blowing away their twelve-inch. Although the lyrics are really good, fans of Anticon and other "advancement" style artists may not find the lyrics to be the most complex around. However, each and every song deserves a listen because they all drop very interesting concepts and the MCs rock some nice flows over the hard beats like only veterans can do. The tracks where beats, rhymes, flows, and concept come together nicest are "Uncivilized," a nice tribal war track, Sunil's "Life Of The Party," "Linda's Trippin'" (an ode to minding your own business), "Peep Show starring Nina Hartley," which is a dope menage a trois fantasy, and the title track. "People In Your Neighborhood" is a fantastic track that breaks down some of the people that might be in your neighbourhood: the misogynist, the gay basher, the peeping tom, and a jerk who spreads diseases. Whether you're a fan of the more commercial Toronto scene or you're into the experimental Halifax scene, the newest from Frek Sho should definitely be in your collection. (Vagrant Hobby)