Freelove Fenner

Gus' Pub, Halifax NS, October 25

Freelove FennerGus' Pub, Halifax NS, October 25
Photo: Ali Seglins
Freelove Fenner have been touted for years from musicians who consider the Montreal trio to be a major influence, so it was expectedly packed at Gus' Pub by midnight for the band's third and final set of the Halifax Pop Explosion. "I've been here at Gus' all weekend," said vocalist and bassist Caitlin Loney. She cast an understated aura with dark, psychedelic shadows that contributed to the overall '60s-guitar-pop and indie-rock aesthetic.

A careful creepiness permeates Freelove Fenner's songs, and "In The Sound" from 2013's Do Not Affect a Breezy Manner demonstrated this. Freelove Fenner wrap their sweet and innocent registers with a sense of urgency that creates uneasiness to counteract and juxtapose their mostly comforting sound.
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