Fredric Gary Comeau Hungry Ghosts

Fredric Gary Comeau has not made a record for the kids. There will be no remixes of Hungry Ghosts; there probably won't be any videos made from it either. But neither is it music for grandpas either - if Leonard Cohen has become a little too cheesy, and the wait for Waits is a little too long, you might just cotton on to Comeau's solid second effort. The New Brunswick native has spent a goodly amount of time as a wanderer, and this poetic and drifting collection of tales features plenty of coming and going. Beautifully produced by Yves Desrosiers (Lhasa, Rufus Wainwright) with a lush simplicity that marks the best of Daniel Lanois's work, Hungry Ghosts is an excellent meditation on the simplicity of good songwriting and honesty of straightforward expression. (Audiogram)