Freddie Gibbs Opens Up About Austrian Sexual Assault Case

The rapper also reveals he auditioned for a role in Paul Thomas Anderson's 'Inherent Vice'
Freddie Gibbs Opens Up About Austrian Sexual Assault Case
In September of last year, Freddie Gibbs was acquitted of all charges in a sexual assault case that saw him detained in Europe for four months. Having mapped out a North American tour behind his recently released his new project You Only Live 2wice, the Indiana MC has now spoken on the case in his own words.

In conversation with Complex, Gibbs revealed that his incarceration caused him to cut ties with a friend who was also charged with the crime:

My best friend stopped talking to me in the midst of this. He was the original one charged with the crime. I wasn't even involved in this, I didn't even have sex with the girls. He had sex with 'em — I'm not saying he raped 'em or anything of that nature, I just feel like if he would have handled his business a year ago with these charges, then myself and my family wouldn't have went through this, because this is a time I didn't do anything, I didn't have anything to do with these females. I didn't touch 'em, I didn't have any type of sexual or intimate contact with these females whatsoever, so for him to put something on my name as heinous as rape is just — it's outlandish.

And in that process a lot of people were scared to deal with me because they didn't know what was gonna be the outcome of the situation. When somebody accuses somebody of that, it's just like "whoa, shit, well did he do it?" So even though I was acquitted of all charges, I found myself having to explain myself since I got out. I have to tell people, I have to explain the story. I wish I could just give it to you on DVD. But I gotta tell everybody look, this shit did not happen this way, I didn't buy my way out of this, I didn't pay to get acquitted. Man, I got acquitted because I actually did not do this.

Gibbs continued: "I just gotta get my name back. I feel like a lot of people backed off of me because of this shit and that was kind of fucked up. Luckily, by the grace of God and my fans they still support me and they still love me because they know my character."

Elsewhere in the interview, Gibbs said that he wrote You Only Live 2wice in prison in Austria and recorded the project on bail. He also spoke of his fiancé bringing him books by George Clinton and Gil Scott-Heron to read in English, as the prison library only had German reading material.

Gibbs also spoke of moving beyond rap into the world of film, adding that he's taken an interest in script writing. Of course, acting isn't out of the question either.

"I go on a lot of auditions, I auditioned for that movie Inherent Vice. I missed the role to Michael K. Williams," Gibbs told the publication. "Matter of fact, I lose a lot of roles to Michael K. Williams. The film industry is kind of like the music industry — if they're not gonna let me all the way in then I'm just gonna have to create my own path like I did with music."

Gibbs's You Only Live 2wice is out now through ESGN/Empire. Read his entire interview here.