Freddie Gibbs "One Eighty Seven" (ft. Problem)

Freddie Gibbs 'One Eighty Seven' (ft. Problem)
Gary, IN MC Freddie Gibbs is getting ready to release a new studio LP titled ESGN (or Evil Seeds Grow Naturally) and is repping the set ahead of its July 9 due date with first single "One Eighty Seven."

Backed by a drippy Sap beat that sounds something like a Xanax-poppin' take on John Carpenter's Halloween theme, the song finds Gibbs and Compton's Problem rapping about their respective gal-pals' lethal loveliness. You can check out the Baby Face Killa talking about getting his man parts merked in the stream down below.

Gibbs's next set also features guest appearances from Daz, Spice-1, Jay Rock and more.