Fredda Toutes Mes Aventures

Known for her one-off contributions to the Le Pop compilations, Toutes Mes Aventures is the debut album of Fredda. Neither Lolita-style charmer nor dramatic, sensitive chanteuse, Fredda retains the showman-style charm of her husband, album producer and contributor Pascal Parisot while making a nice niche for herself in blending perfect pop hooks with New Orleans Dixie and Parisian swing. "Barry White” is a nostalgic toast to the disco-soul sounds of the late ’70s, but instead of wah-wah guitar, Philly-style strings set the mood. "Bandit Manchot” points in the direction of Ennio Morricone soundtracks, with its spaghetti twang guitar. Sounding far from the limited budget on which it was recorded, Toutes Mes Aventures features the grandiose charm of an artist who can manoeuvre between sophisticated "ye-ye” throwbacks and the seductive allure of a female lounge performer. Dean and Britta move over. (Le Pop Musik)